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Literacy Homework Report by Mitusha

Do you know about these magical creatures- The Thing? If not, acknowledge this text and read on. After you will know everything about them.


The Things have a very uncanny appearance. Male Things have long tails which streches up to 2 metres in diameter. The tails are crucial to The Thing; they use it to lash out any preadator and to protect themselves from one. The bigger the tails, the better and stronger the tails are. Also, these creatures have large eyes as large as wheels. They use their eyes to see in the dark; they are nocturnal. Futhermore, it has a wingspan of 10 metres which makes them soar through the sky (120 miles per hour) . As a result they can escape from traps and they can find their preys in seconds. Additionally, the Things have deadly claws which deavour preys in a flash.


These Things have an interseting  habitats. Most Things live in the dark woods where they can’t be disturbed. They also live in the forest to absorb sunlight; kid Things need to live a year and a half in the sun before they can go anywhere else. A few Things live in the Whirling Wastes. It is always windy and stormy there.


These unique animals have an unusual diet. Many Things (that live in the forests) eat the rays from the sun. The sun makes the Things grow taller and bigger. Other Things (that live in the Whirling Wastes) eat snow and ice. It makes them grow smaller. If they eat something poisonous they will start swelling up. Their lips will turn blue and they will have hair all over their body. The only cure to this poison is an emerald potion which you will get from the Wild Witch’s Cavern.

Now you know all about these unique creatures, you can tell your friends a lot about The Things.

homework by alex

Have you heard that teachers give us homework? Many people that children should get homework,but some people think you shouldn’t get homework. What do you think?

Many people think,children should get homework because when you got a test you can rember what you done in your homework book. Next,when you are board you could do your homework. Homework is good for educatroin for when it comes to exams.

On the other hand,it can be stress kids out which means that they can be nauty. Next,some children prefer to play on their ipad insted of homework. Lastly,some children may not have equipment to do their homework.

Having weighed both sides of the argment it is obvious that children shoulden’t have homework.

Operation save Earth part 1 by Daniel Clark

The empty horizon stretched on infinitely, spreading misery over the once-green Earth. Rocks were protruding from the outer crust like shark`s fins. A thick, compact layer of minuscule grains of sand suggested that there had sandstorm quite recently. He fell onto his knees. It was a robot for humans had become extinct many millennia ago. Why was he there? Surely there had to be a reason. He had collapsed from the inevitable loss of power caused by this uninhabitable, barren wasteland. His circuits were filled with forlorn emptiness as he stared into the endless oblivion of this ruined world. The atmosphere was filled with scorching rays of the merciless, remorseless sun killing off almost all life. The robot, who was being internally destroyed, caught a glimpse of the only life for miles around.

He crawled over to it. A small shoot with leaves that were blackened around the edges, drooping slightly and loosing its green colour. He scrutinized then touched it to check his optics weren’t malfunctioning. The plant was shrivelled up looking agonised. The plant was dying. He was Tabula Rasa 57 BODMAS O S E and it was his duty to make this plant live even if he died…

A poem by harry

I will throw in my box,

The last tick of a grandfather clock,

The skull of a family member,

The final demonic nightmare.


I will throw in my box,

The first bite of golden cheese,

A bronze sunset,

Fresh blood on a midnight blue arrow.


I will throw in my box,

The final flower from a stone-grey feild,

The first lavender hope of victory,

The first blink of the Illuminate triangle.


I will throw in my box,

A drop from a crystal blue lake,

The final silver whisper of death,

The third wish from a genie’s lantern.


The box is a cell for demons

it holds deep secrets of the grim reaper

and the weapon of death.

The Empty World by Mitusha

Image result for tabula rasa robot

The first rays of sunlight shone across the desolate place. Dismal clouds loomed over, feeling pity for the lifeless peice of land. It was a dehydrated Earth. Staggering across the large expanse of sand, the robot collasped out of thirst. He was filled by emptiness. He stood there still. Motionless. Until he saw the last peice of life!

Gathering all his might, he stumbled towards the plant. The robot dropped down to his knees and observed the plant’s health. He stared intently. It was the last thread of life. It drooped forward as life started fading away from it second by second. Grabbing the plant gently in his hands, he looked at the mountain. It was the only thing to protect it…

Image result for tabula rasa robot

Gripping onto a rock, he held on for life. With determination, he clambered up still holding on to the plant. The robot scaled the cliff as rocks crumbled under his feet. He slipped! Kicking his legs in thin air, he searched for a hold. The robot grabbed onto a rock; fear went over his face. His hands slipped from the rock! He fell back… The only thing he thought of was the plant. Was he going to save it?

The wind howled from the peak of the cliff. With a sudden movement, a hand clawed at the loose rocks. It was the robot! He hauled himself up with the plant still safe in his hands. He finished the final hurdle. Determination filled him as he stumbled forward. He collapsed out of exhaustion but still carried on with his task. The plant, which was now hanging on to its last seconds, slipped out of his hands and his spirit slipped out of him.

The clouds loomed over the peak of the cliff. The leaf fell on the still robot. He lay there motionless under the tree. The little plant was now a big tree. The fog and mist swirled round the life filled mountain…

Image result for tabula rasa robot


“Well this was not here yesterday,”yelled Dox to Sam, staring at some find of ship-like metal wreck. It was covered with thick ivy and old rusted steel bars hung from the giant slice on the side. It gave Sam a shiver down his spine just staring at it. Both boys started climbing rapidly to the high-up slice. Up and up they climbed. Dox was the first one to make it up and through the slice. He froze; everything started spinning. He was terrified of heights. Dox finally came out of his trance and saw that the ship was on an angle so that the once-flat and still surface had now become like the sides of a triangle. One wrong step and he would smash the cracked glass below.

Anthony Horowitz is a fan of Jack Bowen!


Anthony Horowitz himself thinks that Jack’s persuasion would have done a great job of convincing Mrs Jones (from the Alex Rider books) of the dangers of sending out the 14-year-old spy. Brilliant work, Jack!


Besides being a fantastic piece of persuasion, it’s a stunning example of polishing and editing. Brilliant effort and hard word. Keep it up!




Frances Hardinge likes Isabel’s writing!


The author of The Lie Tree, Frances Hardinge, replied to a tweet about Isabel’s persuasion writing. Izzy wrote a persuasive letter to Faith, the main charasser of the book, in an attempt to get her to stop visiting the tree. It turns out that Frances and Izzy both appreciate each other’s work!

Amazing stuff, Isabel.



Alien Teleportation Part 2 by Kilinda

The unfocused images teased Sam and John, becoming focused then blurred again as they drifted through the ongoing swirling light. Suddenly, the images all pieced together as memories broke through revealing themselves to the twins. Their once-ghostly-pale faces returned to their normal colour. They knew what was going on. Happiness flooded through their bodies. They were going to another world! Sam allowed his mind to relax into the rediscovered memories as he travelled into the past.

Darkness began spreading its starry fingers onto the beams of the sun. Ever more stars flickered into view to join the battle. Night hunted down the remaining light like a lion pursuing its prey. The night had been born. Many stars shimmered hypnotically into view, twinkling mysteriously as if holding a secret. Shooting stars erupted leaving a vanishing trail.

Deep beneath lay the abandoned theme park; rubbish lay strewn across its cracked cobbled floor. Ebony, burgundy and aubergine colours were all the brightness you could find, standing out amidst the once-thriving wasteland. On the edge of the woodland thicket of moss-clinging ferns and rotting tree bark in the midst of all the waste, were two adventurous twins, Sam and John. The twins’ eyes were bright, not put down by the soul-crushing waste landscape before them. They were on a mission to find artifacts or relics to present to historians.

“Come on scaredy-cat,” jeered Sam. In response, John gave an angry grunt and quickened his pace. Just then a tremor reverberated through the ground, shaking the earth beneath them. Shivers ricocheted down John’s spine. Sam gave a mocking laugh and mouthed the word “scaredy-cat” once more. Enraged, John kicked a pebble. The twins’ hearts each skipped a beat as their eyes boggled out of their sockets. The pebble hung in mid air. Giving one last glance at what they thought was a haunted pebble, they dived into the toy booth beside them. If answering to the flight, a maelstrom whipped up around them. John cowered under the counter while Sam stood dumbfounded, not taking in what was happening. Crash!!! A massive bolt of lightening streaked across the sky towards the toy booth …

The twins shut their eyes waiting for it to strike but it never did. It hung there poised and out of it came crimson spaceship. The space ship shot down a beam. The twins did not dare move. Sam felt an agonising pain in his arm. His arm was disappearing. John felt an uncharacteristic force churning inside him and in one great bound he wrenched Sam from the beam. Sam stared at where his arm should have been. Instead there was nothing. Suddenly, another beam of light shot down at Mark 2 speed. They were both caught.

From somewhere Sam could here John’s voice wrenching him back into the present. “Look!” John was yelling. Sam was back in the tube. Up ahead he could see a blinding light. They were arriving…


Homework by cerys

Do you want to have fun with your friends and have a break from school? And make new friends? Well go to Barton Camp (year 5): there are lots of things to do and you won’t regret it. I’m sure you will love it; everyone would.

Are you all ready excited? You should be. Of course you would be if you knew you were going to a fab place like Barton: there is a beautiful sighting at the top of Crooks Peeke; lovely peaceful walks; the blind fold challenge followed by swimming and muddy games! REALLY focus on these points because if you miss anything out when you tell your teacher,she will probably say no. You need to make it sound phenomenal!

Furthermore, it is a once in a life time experience which you will only do once. If you are not lazy, don’t mind getting muddy and love adventures like most people, Barton is perfect for you. The best part is if it rains (so bring waterproofs) and seeing teachers go down the slide (and you going down), then having hot chocolate and snuggling up in bed.:)

98.5% of children have loved camp. If I were you, I would take nouts as there are so many activaties you need to write down. Here is one of the children that have done all the activateas “it was really fun espeshaly caving  that was amasing  and canewing it wasent that deep believe me I dident want to do it but it was so fun really!”

If you liked my thought of barton camp then beg your teachers till thay cant tack no more  then tell mr dewe and youre parents to pay as it is obveosly worth it  thanks for reading and get thous teachers to say yes to barton camp!!!!!