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Home work Emily and the Thing by Alex


Should Emily have gone to fech things for the thing? Many people think Emily should not have gone because she was tired but some people think that she should have gone to fech the objects . What do you think?


Many people think that she should have gone to get it for the thing because the thing will be crying and Emily won’t be able to get to sleep. Firstly, she needs to get the thing to sleep to get Emily asleep. Next, she needs a friend because she might not have any friends. By getting the thing’s objects, Emily will be a buddy.


On the other hand, people think that she should not have gone and got the thing’s property.  Firstly, she was scared  to go throuth snow storms, gust of winds and rain. Next,she shouldn’t have gone because she doesn’t know who the thing was.


Having conserd both sides of the argument, people think she shouldn’t have gone because the thing is lazy and it needs to get it for it self.

Afternoon-play by Mitusha

Do you need a break from your work? Are you stuck in a hot, stuffy classroom? If this sounds like you, read on. Pay attention to this important suggestion: tell your teacher to give you afternoon-play.

The first and the foremost reason for having an afternoon-play is it will be able to refresh our minds. We will have fresh air and run around. As a result, we won’t make any careless mistakes; our work will improve. Also, 95% of Year 2 pupils stated they improved their work by having afternoon-play. Additionally, instead of being trapped in a hot, stuffy classroom by your teachers, you can be running outside.

In addition of having fresh air, it stops obesity ( which is all around the news. ) Do you want us to be the only who hasn’t conquered obeisity? The only answer to this situation: AFTERNOON-PLAY. It will sweep away this problem minutes. So, instead of being in the same place without moving and making our muscles stiffen, we could get rid of the stiffness in our muscles by playing outside.

Finally, having afternoon-play will help us get along with each other playing team games. Furthermore, we could play games with our teachers and get to know them better. Additionally, we can socialize with different people. As well as that, by doing team games it could improve our sports: catching, throwing, and collabrating. As a result, 76% of pupils stated they improved their catching, throwing and callobrating skills. It’s a massive bonus to having afternoon-play.

After hearing this, you should soon enough realize having afternoon-play is vital to us; it stops obeisity, gets us working together and improves our writing.

Homework 18.09.16 by Joe D

The hotel we were staying in was almost gothic! The animal heads on the wall glared at you as if  you had done something wrong. The corridors were riddled with cobwebs, making you cringe as they brushed against your face. The wind whistled through the cracked windows. Bang! Bang! Who was there? But it was the doors slamming shut on their broken hinges, blown by the wind. The air was stale and stank like sour milk.

Alex, Joe T and Isabel – Alien Abduction

20160912 111545 from James Walker on Vimeo.