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Camping trip by Grace and Mitusha

Heart pounding, Grace darted away from the creature. What was that thing? She ran further and further. “Mitusha!”shrieked Grace as sweat trickled down her face. Darkness suffocated the light. Mitusha emerged out of the tent. Her friend was panting like a dog as she slowly started to collapse. Running towards the exhausted, panting girl, Mitusha helped her up. “How did this happen?” questioned Mitusha.

It started on a cold windy night: Grace and Mitusha were giggling inside the tent until they heard a noise. The giggling was suddenly stopped; silence closed in! They peered out of the tent and saw it was just another camper. Grace let out a sigh of relief. Moments later, the thankful camper went to collect some firewood. Looking up, she spotted mesmerising patterns swirling through the night sky. That was when Mitusha caught a glimpse of something flying overhead.

Unaware of Mitusha’s discovery, Grace wrenched a branch off a dead tree. ” Hands off nature!” shouted someone behind her. She spun round. Behind her was a figure… a minator! Fear clutched her heart! That was how it happened. Darting, the frantic girls hid behind a tree. Wheezing, Grace clutched her chest as she collapsed under the claw-like branches. Their minds started to close in, darkness shrouded their vision, and they both fainted.

Dazed and confused, they woke up with a sudden start. “What are you doing out here!” shouted a voice. They rubbed their eyes, trying to clear their blurry vision. It was a ranger. Relieved, Grace and Mitusha stared at each other and let out a sigh. It was finally over at least they thought it was…

The deserted fairground by Ruby

As the sun shone in the grim sky ,the carnival stayed silent. All those years ago, it was a welcoming place but now no-one entered. Cobwebs were living on the collapsed spinning ride. Twenty kids had entered but never came back out! Who was taking all these children? What did they do to them? A shiver ran down her spine. Ruby scratched her head. She was confused; where did they all go? The carnival lay in dust. It was like it was in a deep sleep that couldn’t be awoken. The shadows lengthened on the cold cracked ground. The burnt trees pointed down at her. She was scared by the place. But she couldn’t leave. She wanted answers!


Homework by Frank

Cautiously creeping through the derelict, abandoned road, which led to a run-down park, I got drenched by the heavy, continuous rain as it loomed over me and got me soaked. Unexpectedly, an instant movement appeared in the far distance! Intentionally, I lurked towards the mysterious situation, and hoped to find nothing. Suddenly an urgent shadow arose from the bushes. “What was it?” I murmured  to myself. Feeling shivers of fear immediately shoot up my spine, I edge forward to the risky thing. Getting closer, I concluded that it was something sizeable and strange. Anxious about the thing, I began to feel my stomach churn restlessly. I was there. Out of the blue, it began to speak in a language that I couldn’t understand. What was it saying?

I Will Put in the Box by Grace Rockey

I will lock in my box,
silent thunder,
a surgery tear
and a joyless laugh.

I will lock in my box,
ten, terrible, tiny termites,
a tick-tocking tedious town
and a fish trying to find water.

I will lock in my box
a khaki sun,
a heart-throbbing nightmare
and an ear piercing screech of death!


Vampie landing Lucy Hill

The sky grumbled and the fog was covering the graves. The wind whispered through the paths. The graves were broken and crumbled with cobwebs  beside them. The flowers were wilted. The girls were visitng Katie’s mum, who sadly past away. Cerys put her arm around Katie’s shoulder. “WHAT WAS THAT?” shouted Cerys loudly. Something was lurking behind them.

Katie and Cerys tiptoed through the graveyards while sadly Katie was thinking about her mum. They both could hear crunching behind them! “WHAT WAS THATTT?” They wondered. Katie and Cerys got to the end of the spooky graveyard.

Something was behind them! There was a blood trail. Scanning around, they could both see a skull with blood dripping off it. Something was lurking in the darkness. There was a glint of red sparkling eyes. With a frown on their faces, they saw a flashing light streak past them.  Something moved! “WHAT WAS IT?”

Katie and Cerys felt a shiver run down their spines. They stared at each other. In the darkness, a pale-skinned face was staring at them. It came closer and closer, grinding its teeth and dripping blood! At that moment, the creature leapt onto them. It felt like they were getting crushed! They both fainted!!

Hunted by Leah D

Walking across the warm sand and letting water slip through my toes, I saw an open shed next to the ice cream van in the middle of the  warm Hawaii beach. So I ventured into it.

With cobwebs hanging from the ceiling,  piles of skeleton bones lay everywhere I  had been . Pictures were scattered on the wall as they dangled from dark, damp and damaged rusty nails . Bang! What was that? As the wind got started, the door slammed faster than a rocket. With bits of the roof crumbling, the floor boards snapped underneath me.

With the snapping of the floor boards from underneath me, I dropped under the rest of the dripping  floor. Screaming over and over again, I said in my head can someone hear me? Footsteps got louder like thay were coming closer and closer. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE?!” shouted someone. “I’m stuck down here. Can you help me out of the hole?”

Grabbing her  rope and yanking me up, we made friends and then we played, played and played  until we went  home .

Assassination CLASSIFIED part 1… by …DGIC [Daniel George Ivan pronounced Evan Clark

Fog shrouded the desolate alleyway. I heard something as if the trees were whispering to each other. Footsteps bounced around, getting closer and closer. The fog advanced through the street, making it too hard to see. I could hear the dreaded eerie footsteps: louder, closer. I couldn’t stand it and called out to see if someone was there. Nothing came back. A figure emerged from the fog. It was coming closer. Something glinted in the figure’s hand. They held it up higher. Why? What were they holding? I took off. A dead end. I turned left. The figure was gaining on me. Dead end again. There was no hope left. Certain doom washed over me. Then I looked around. The bricks on one of the walls were crumbled, just enough for me to climb out. I scrambled over the wall and jumped off. I was safe! Now to get home to be in definite safety.

The man in the fog by Joe T

The suspicious fog engulfed the desolate streets! Through the humid mist, a shadow appeared, moving closer and closer! What where people doing outside at night? That mystery just couldn’t be solved. The footsteps reverberated off the walls, which were looming over the man’s head! He shivered with fear. All he could hear was the silent gushes of the harsh fog, which kept stinging his eyes. He crept through the empty alleyways, listening out for voices, which he could seem to hear persistently! Were the noises actually in his head? The man, who felt a shiver race down his spine, heard noises again. Was he being followed? Someone must be following him, musn’t they? He turned round, only to see darkness…

The Surprise Parcel

‘Ding dong!’ went the door. I darted towards it and pulled the handle. Outside lay a box with peculiar writing on top. What could be inside? I clutched the box and went back indoors. Filled with curiosity, I tore off the wrapping of the box and I looked inside… I froze. I could see eyeballs and it seemed like they were all looking at one direction: ME!!

Sweat trickled down my face, which now had a sickly pallor! The next thing I saw was a patch of alien skin. I rubbed the rugged hide. It started to glow. My heart was racing. Immediately, I stopped rubbing it. The glowing came to a halt! I was overtaken by fear. Then I picked up a bottle containing shining particles. After that, I picked up something that looked like a tracker device. It had many buttons. Beep! It was glowing and beeping loudly. It got louder and louder. I followed it and it led me outside. Gaping, I saw something unbearable – a big spaceship – and out of it came an alien! Frightened, I dropped the box towards the floor. The creature grabbed the box and left in his spaceship…

Diary entry for Fred

As darkness descended, Finn and I grabbed our luggage, and headed for the abandoned castle. Cautiously, my petrified brother and I glimpsed a rapid shadow. We froze! Ignoring the frightening problem, my brother and I carefully crept towards our destination. Unexpectedly, an eerie sound penetrated into our ears instantly! “What was that?” whimpered my scared brother, who felt shivers of fear shoot immediately up his spine. This was dangerous! THIS WAS SCAREY!!! Suddenly, a shimmer of light engulfed me and my brother! As the beam blanketed us, I was about to vomit up when the light instantaneously stopped. Trying to catch our breath, we began to stagger back towards a derelict wall. There it was again, however much brighter and stronger! Swiftly lifting us up from the rocky ground, the thing began to reveal itself. It was a UFO!!! As the ship elevated us up, we were swallowed into its colossal mouth.What were we going to do? I said to myself.