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Cerys, Lucy, Ruby and Leah in the Christmas talent show!

Don’t Go Out After Dark – first paragraph

The deserted fairground by Ruby

As the sun shone in the grim sky ,the carnival stayed silent. All those years ago, it was a welcoming place but now no-one entered. Cobwebs were living on the collapsed spinning ride. Twenty kids had entered but never came back out! Who was taking all these children? What did they do to them? A shiver ran down her spine. Ruby scratched her head. She was confused; where did they all go? The carnival lay in dust. It was like it was in a deep sleep that couldn’t be awoken. The shadows lengthened on the cold cracked ground. The burnt trees pointed down at her. She was scared by the place. But she couldn’t leave. She wanted answers!


The devilish box

I  will chuck in my box

A silver threat

A devil snatching a child

And the last human heart beat.

I will chuck in my box

A witch’s careless cold heart

A blood moon from the year 2000

And an old DECAYING body!

I will chuck in my box

The last hug from my mum

The house of horrid HELL

And screams from the dead!!

My box is sealed as tight as it can be.

As the Devils surrounds it the screams shall be.

Fire melts the hinges away

And my box will be hidden far away.

Far away.

For many years .

Until someone opens it and let’s the DEVIL FREE!😬😬😬😬



Alien landing invasion by Ruby

The moon shone bright behind the horison of the oacen ,and the sky grew darcker ,ruby and cerys left the beach . As they cut through the woods they  ended up at the abandon park!!!!!”This is  the park that every one has tallked about in school » cried cerys .Ruby raced towards the park cerys strolled behind her.”let’s go on the swings “Ruby shouted excitedly .A while later,a shining light blinked on and off in the distance .And a shiny metallic spacecraft appears .Out from the darkness  3 unusual spaces arrive .What were they ?Smoke filled the air and the girls fell asleep.When they awoken they didn’t remember anything but deep in their pockets 2 shiny metallic plastic patches were their .What were they for ?where did they come from ?? Maybe from another world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!