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Christmas poem by Lucy hill

Christmas comes once a year

Holly on the tree

Rudolph has a red nose

Ice skating on the rink

Santa brings presents on Christmas eve

Turkey dinner yummy!!

Merry Christmas everyone

Always be good for Santa

Snow is falling down

Carols in the church

Reindeers pull the sleigh

Advent calender

Children having fun

Kiss under the mistletoe

Eating lots of chocolate

Robins in their nests


A poem by harry

I will throw in my box,

The last tick of a grandfather clock,

The skull of a family member,

The final demonic nightmare.


I will throw in my box,

The first bite of golden cheese,

A bronze sunset,

Fresh blood on a midnight blue arrow.


I will throw in my box,

The final flower from a stone-grey feild,

The first lavender hope of victory,

The first blink of the Illuminate triangle.


I will throw in my box,

A drop from a crystal blue lake,

The final silver whisper of death,

The third wish from a genie’s lantern.


The box is a cell for demons

it holds deep secrets of the grim reaper

and the weapon of death.

Homework. by Isabel

Honesty is one of the

Only great ways to go about life

Never have I heard of anyone who

Ever always told lies and made

Something of

Themselves. If

You ever feel like lying, tell the truth: everything will turn out OK.

The bewitched bin by Frankie

I will lock in my bin

A gruesome Grinch from Greenland
A jaundiced jaguar from a jelly jungle
Water from the last magical river

I will lock in my bin

A velvet wish from an ancient temple
The last human scream from the Titanic
An emerald eye from a Greek God

I will lock in my bin

A song from a lavender Umpa-loompa
A spiral of nightmares
A dark smile from a cursed chicken

The devilish box

I  will chuck in my box

A silver threat

A devil snatching a child

And the last human heart beat.

I will chuck in my box

A witch’s careless cold heart

A blood moon from the year 2000

And an old DECAYING body!

I will chuck in my box

The last hug from my mum

The house of horrid HELL

And screams from the dead!!

My box is sealed as tight as it can be.

As the Devils surrounds it the screams shall be.

Fire melts the hinges away

And my box will be hidden far away.

Far away.

For many years .

Until someone opens it and let’s the DEVIL FREE!😬😬😬😬



The Magic Box by Mitusha

I had put in my box

An ashen curse of a witch,

A jaundiced chuckle,

A devil grabbing to an angel,


I wish I put in my box

The first golden smile of a baby,

The silver glimmer of a star,

The bright beams of the moon.


I had put in my box

A revolting reverie of rage,

A joyless laugh,

The first gun shot of war.


I wish I put in my box

The rays of sunlight,

A joyful laugh of a baby,

A magic spell.


My box is sealed as tight could be

But every time I am close to the box

It opens and my revolting memories flood back…

My box by Cerys

I will put in my box

The start of life and end of death

I will put in my box

A shark’s tooth and a maroon sky

I will put in my box

 A blood moon and silver eclipse

I will put in my box

The last tick tock of the only clock

And the blink of a dead eye

I will put in my box

The scream of the ghost that destroyed everything

A black heart of hers and the hypnotic stare that never ends.

My box is made with bones and painted with blood.

I will lock up my box and never open it again

Although I have temptation

If I open it horrid things will come gushing out

Memories flood me.


In the grave by kilinda

In the grave I placed


A magenta heart stained with envy,

A crimson cry of a dying loved one destined for the raging fires of hell,

The blood of a friend.


I wish I had put in


The first smile of a baby,

A rainbow from heaven,

A feather from a dove.


Much to my regret I put in


The blood red howl of a wolf waiting for death,

A ruby curse created by malice,

A burgundy dagger plunging into hope.


I wish I had put in


A halo form an angel,

A daffodil from Spring,

The jingling bells of Santa’s sleigh.


Much to my regret I put in


A vengeful laugh,

A fish eating a man,

An echoing silent screen.


With all the dark things in the grave

When the time is right, the tomb stone slips

And deep from within

Emerges a thing, ready to strike,

Full of no regret, neither mercy.




I will put in my box by Elle

I will put in my box

a  khaki collar covered in coral

a happy nightmare

and the first golden tear of a baby


I will put in my box

a shattered sky of sadness

the last falling leaf of a tree

the last lick of a dog


I will put in my box

a gigantic giant jumping

a hypnotic heart hitting a hypocrite

and a sweet tear


I shall throw my box into space and I will never see it again. When  I open my box I remember the memories and when they do come back to me I  day-dream about them every day.