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Homework by Elle

Dear Mr Dewey

I think you should change your mind on this decision. I think children need a break from learning because it will refresh their minds and then be ready to learn. Also, we need fresh air as it is better than being inside all day.

Firstly, we need breaks from learning because it will refresh their brains. Also, children will not work properly because they are cooped up in a class room while being really hot and not produce as much work as possible. Furthermore, they should have the same time as the younger children as they are still children and should all be treated the same.

Moreover, you are not allowed to have a drink while working so they might  get dehydrated and not do as much work as usual. Additionally, you are not allowed to go to the toilet during lessons so you will not be paying attention and will not do the work properly so they will not learn. Adding on to that, they might get stressed out about the work so they might not produce as much work.

Also, sitting on a chair for hours on end they will lose concentration  and not do as much work as everyone else. Furthermore, if you do something for too long then you lose concentration  and will not pay attention  to the teacher. Last but not least, physical exercise is important for the brain and before you say sitting on a chair is exercising it is not.

In conclusion, it is quite obvious that this idea is nonsense. They need a break from learning. So please don’t make this decision. 

Anthony Horowitz is a fan of Jack Bowen!


Anthony Horowitz himself thinks that Jack’s persuasion would have done a great job of convincing Mrs Jones (from the Alex Rider books) of the dangers of sending out the 14-year-old spy. Brilliant work, Jack!


Besides being a fantastic piece of persuasion, it’s a stunning example of polishing and editing. Brilliant effort and hard word. Keep it up!




Frances Hardinge likes Isabel’s writing!


The author of The Lie Tree, Frances Hardinge, replied to a tweet about Isabel’s persuasion writing. Izzy wrote a persuasive letter to Faith, the main charasser of the book, in an attempt to get her to stop visiting the tree. It turns out that Frances and Izzy both appreciate each other’s work!

Amazing stuff, Isabel.



Afternoon-play by Mitusha

Do you need a break from your work? Are you stuck in a hot, stuffy classroom? If this sounds like you, read on. Pay attention to this important suggestion: tell your teacher to give you afternoon-play.

The first and the foremost reason for having an afternoon-play is it will be able to refresh our minds. We will have fresh air and run around. As a result, we won’t make any careless mistakes; our work will improve. Also, 95% of Year 2 pupils stated they improved their work by having afternoon-play. Additionally, instead of being trapped in a hot, stuffy classroom by your teachers, you can be running outside.

In addition of having fresh air, it stops obesity ( which is all around the news. ) Do you want us to be the only who hasn’t conquered obeisity? The only answer to this situation: AFTERNOON-PLAY. It will sweep away this problem minutes. So, instead of being in the same place without moving and making our muscles stiffen, we could get rid of the stiffness in our muscles by playing outside.

Finally, having afternoon-play will help us get along with each other playing team games. Furthermore, we could play games with our teachers and get to know them better. Additionally, we can socialize with different people. As well as that, by doing team games it could improve our sports: catching, throwing, and collabrating. As a result, 76% of pupils stated they improved their catching, throwing and callobrating skills. It’s a massive bonus to having afternoon-play.

After hearing this, you should soon enough realize having afternoon-play is vital to us; it stops obeisity, gets us working together and improves our writing.

Homework by cerys

Do you want to have fun with your friends and have a break from school? And make new friends? Well go to Barton Camp (year 5): there are lots of things to do and you won’t regret it. I’m sure you will love it; everyone would.

Are you all ready excited? You should be. Of course you would be if you knew you were going to a fab place like Barton: there is a beautiful sighting at the top of Crooks Peeke; lovely peaceful walks; the blind fold challenge followed by swimming and muddy games! REALLY focus on these points because if you miss anything out when you tell your teacher,she will probably say no. You need to make it sound phenomenal!

Furthermore, it is a once in a life time experience which you will only do once. If you are not lazy, don’t mind getting muddy and love adventures like most people, Barton is perfect for you. The best part is if it rains (so bring waterproofs) and seeing teachers go down the slide (and you going down), then having hot chocolate and snuggling up in bed.:)

98.5% of children have loved camp. If I were you, I would take nouts as there are so many activaties you need to write down. Here is one of the children that have done all the activateas “it was really fun espeshaly caving  that was amasing  and canewing it wasent that deep believe me I dident want to do it but it was so fun really!”

If you liked my thought of barton camp then beg your teachers till thay cant tack no more  then tell mr dewe and youre parents to pay as it is obveosly worth it  thanks for reading and get thous teachers to say yes to barton camp!!!!!

Homework by Elle

Do you need a brake from school but still want to be with your friends? Is there nothing to do at home? If this sounds like you (year 5), then you should go on year 6 camp. You will not regret it. I promise.

Firstly, the children that went this year had so much fun and had some once in a life time opportunities. For example: caving, canoeing and you will be doing two activities a day and will constantly be doing something which you probably don’t do at home. If you don’t go, you will definitely regret it. Also, on the Thursday we do lots of small activities like the blindfolded challenge , swimming, map reading, archery, t-shirt making and team-building exercises.

Furthermore, the dorms are nice and big and the beds are comfortable. You are not all together;  you will be in groups of twos, fours or threes so you don’t have to worry about being in a huge group. Being in little groups makes it nice and cosy. Also, on the night you won’t have to worry about not falling asleep because you will be so tired from the activities you will just fall straight asleep.

In conclusion, I highly recommend going on year 6 camp as you will have the time of your life and you will not regret it. If you don’t go you will miss out on so much fun.



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