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The Sleeper and the Spindle by Mitusha

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This is an amazing book by Neil Gaiman. The illustrations by Chris Riddell are phenomenal. I am recommending this book because it is a lovely combination of all the classical fairy tales: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls, especially younger children who like fairy tales. My sister and I loved reading this book together. My sister said she liked how it was a sequel to the fairy tales. I HIGHLY suggest that you read another book by Neil Gaiman: Odd and the Frost Giant; it has Thor, Loki and Odin.

Mr R’s half-term reading


What a great week of reading!

Thanks to Alex for the Anthony Horowitz recommendation! I love the author’s sense of humour: this is a funny book! Even the names of the places are little puns and jokes (for example, Wiernotta Mews is where David’s grumpy, slightly insane parents live. We are not amused! Great.) Also, Anthony Horowitz himself responded to my tweet about Alex’s book recommendation! Cool stuff.



Charlotte’s Web and The Iron Man are old favourites I haven’t read in ages. It was nice to remind myself how great they are – especially Charlotte’s Web. I loved this book!

Brian Selznick is a class favourite – his book The Invention Of Hugo Cabret has been really popular. This is a much shorter book, but still worth a read. It’s all about a boy who loves horror films. Great illustrations, as per usual!

I hadn’t read any books by Neil Gaiman before this week. I really enjoyed these two. The Sleeper and the Spindle is an interesting sequel to a well-known fairytale (no names…) and Odd and the Frost Giants is an adaptation of an old Norse story about Thor, Odin and Loki. The Sleeper and the Spindle took me a while to get into, but when I realised the links to another well-known story I really enjoyed it. Odd and the Frost Giants was written in a really amusing way – it was great! Both books are illustrated by Chris Riddell, whose work is absolutely beautiful.

Find them on the bookshelf!

Mr R