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Camping trip by Grace and Mitusha

Heart pounding, Grace darted away from the creature. What was that thing? She ran further and further. “Mitusha!”shrieked Grace as sweat trickled down her face. Darkness suffocated the light. Mitusha emerged out of the tent. Her friend was panting like a dog as she slowly started to collapse. Running towards the exhausted, panting girl, Mitusha helped her up. “How did this happen?” questioned Mitusha.

It started on a cold windy night: Grace and Mitusha were giggling inside the tent until they heard a noise. The giggling was suddenly stopped; silence closed in! They peered out of the tent and saw it was just another camper. Grace let out a sigh of relief. Moments later, the thankful camper went to collect some firewood. Looking up, she spotted mesmerising patterns swirling through the night sky. That was when Mitusha caught a glimpse of something flying overhead.

Unaware of Mitusha’s discovery, Grace wrenched a branch off a dead tree. ” Hands off nature!” shouted someone behind her. She spun round. Behind her was a figure… a minator! Fear clutched her heart! That was how it happened. Darting, the frantic girls hid behind a tree. Wheezing, Grace clutched her chest as she collapsed under the claw-like branches. Their minds started to close in, darkness shrouded their vision, and they both fainted.

Dazed and confused, they woke up with a sudden start. “What are you doing out here!” shouted a voice. They rubbed their eyes, trying to clear their blurry vision. It was a ranger. Relieved, Grace and Mitusha stared at each other and let out a sigh. It was finally over at least they thought it was…

Assassination CLASSIFIED…part 2 …by same author as part 1

I looked around. An uneasy silence fell, for the trees had fallen still as if time had stopped all together. All I saw was a black cat with green eyes blocking my path. I’m not superstitious and I shoved it aside, not knowing its purpose. I trundled down the path. The cat was following me. I quickened my pace. The cat did the same thing. Why? What was it doing? My mind raced once again. This cat was doing a job. It turned and left me alone. Or at least I thought I was alone… The same figure was standing  at the end of the alley, blocking the only exit. I was trapped!!!!!


Stick around for the next episode…