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Literacy Homework Report by Mitusha

Do you know about these magical creatures- The Thing? If not, acknowledge this text and read on. After you will know everything about them.


The Things have a very uncanny appearance. Male Things have long tails which streches up to 2 metres in diameter. The tails are crucial to The Thing; they use it to lash out any preadator and to protect themselves from one. The bigger the tails, the better and stronger the tails are. Also, these creatures have large eyes as large as wheels. They use their eyes to see in the dark; they are nocturnal. Futhermore, it has a wingspan of 10 metres which makes them soar through the sky (120 miles per hour) . As a result they can escape from traps and they can find their preys in seconds. Additionally, the Things have deadly claws which deavour preys in a flash.


These Things have an interseting  habitats. Most Things live in the dark woods where they can’t be disturbed. They also live in the forest to absorb sunlight; kid Things need to live a year and a half in the sun before they can go anywhere else. A few Things live in the Whirling Wastes. It is always windy and stormy there.


These unique animals have an unusual diet. Many Things (that live in the forests) eat the rays from the sun. The sun makes the Things grow taller and bigger. Other Things (that live in the Whirling Wastes) eat snow and ice. It makes them grow smaller. If they eat something poisonous they will start swelling up. Their lips will turn blue and they will have hair all over their body. The only cure to this poison is an emerald potion which you will get from the Wild Witch’s Cavern.

Now you know all about these unique creatures, you can tell your friends a lot about The Things.

A Door Opens by Mitusha

Peering inside, red eyes glared at me in the pitch black. Cackles reverated around the room. Demons came out of the wardrobe with evil intentions filling their mind. I regretted opening the door. Fear bubbled up inside of me. Death walked in the form of a person outside. The world was going to be taken over by evil. What did I do? I was left alone with all the evil spreading out in the world..

The Empty World by Mitusha

Image result for tabula rasa robot

The first rays of sunlight shone across the desolate place. Dismal clouds loomed over, feeling pity for the lifeless peice of land. It was a dehydrated Earth. Staggering across the large expanse of sand, the robot collasped out of thirst. He was filled by emptiness. He stood there still. Motionless. Until he saw the last peice of life!

Gathering all his might, he stumbled towards the plant. The robot dropped down to his knees and observed the plant’s health. He stared intently. It was the last thread of life. It drooped forward as life started fading away from it second by second. Grabbing the plant gently in his hands, he looked at the mountain. It was the only thing to protect it…

Image result for tabula rasa robot

Gripping onto a rock, he held on for life. With determination, he clambered up still holding on to the plant. The robot scaled the cliff as rocks crumbled under his feet. He slipped! Kicking his legs in thin air, he searched for a hold. The robot grabbed onto a rock; fear went over his face. His hands slipped from the rock! He fell back… The only thing he thought of was the plant. Was he going to save it?

The wind howled from the peak of the cliff. With a sudden movement, a hand clawed at the loose rocks. It was the robot! He hauled himself up with the plant still safe in his hands. He finished the final hurdle. Determination filled him as he stumbled forward. He collapsed out of exhaustion but still carried on with his task. The plant, which was now hanging on to its last seconds, slipped out of his hands and his spirit slipped out of him.

The clouds loomed over the peak of the cliff. The leaf fell on the still robot. He lay there motionless under the tree. The little plant was now a big tree. The fog and mist swirled round the life filled mountain…

Image result for tabula rasa robot

Afternoon-play by Mitusha

Do you need a break from your work? Are you stuck in a hot, stuffy classroom? If this sounds like you, read on. Pay attention to this important suggestion: tell your teacher to give you afternoon-play.

The first and the foremost reason for having an afternoon-play is it will be able to refresh our minds. We will have fresh air and run around. As a result, we won’t make any careless mistakes; our work will improve. Also, 95% of Year 2 pupils stated they improved their work by having afternoon-play. Additionally, instead of being trapped in a hot, stuffy classroom by your teachers, you can be running outside.

In addition of having fresh air, it stops obesity ( which is all around the news. ) Do you want us to be the only who hasn’t conquered obeisity? The only answer to this situation: AFTERNOON-PLAY. It will sweep away this problem minutes. So, instead of being in the same place without moving and making our muscles stiffen, we could get rid of the stiffness in our muscles by playing outside.

Finally, having afternoon-play will help us get along with each other playing team games. Furthermore, we could play games with our teachers and get to know them better. Additionally, we can socialize with different people. As well as that, by doing team games it could improve our sports: catching, throwing, and collabrating. As a result, 76% of pupils stated they improved their catching, throwing and callobrating skills. It’s a massive bonus to having afternoon-play.

After hearing this, you should soon enough realize having afternoon-play is vital to us; it stops obeisity, gets us working together and improves our writing.

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Mitusha

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This is an amazing book by Neil Gaiman. The illustrations by Chris Riddell are phenomenal. I am recommending this book because it is a lovely combination of all the classical fairy tales: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls, especially younger children who like fairy tales. My sister and I loved reading this book together. My sister said she liked how it was a sequel to the fairy tales. I HIGHLY suggest that you read another book by Neil Gaiman: Odd and the Frost Giant; it has Thor, Loki and Odin.

The School Production by Mitusha

Are you interested in acting, singing or dancing? If so, read on. The Knowle Park School Production is the best choice for you!

Primarily, the school production is the best opportunity for showing off your talent. If you are shy in class, then you can show your classmates your acting, dancing or singing skills. Additionally, your parents can be invited to see you perform. As a result, you don’t just have to perform in front of the school but also to your family members.

Secondly, the school production has a mixture of talents for you to choose: acting, singing or dancing. If you are not interested in acting, you have other options to choose from. Or if you like acting but don’t like saying things, there are non-speaking parts as well. Furthermore, if you don’t like performing in front of everyone, then you can be props and backstage.

Finally, the school production is across the year groups. So, it is not just your year group performing but people from other year groups as well. As a result, you can perform with different people and get to know people you probably never met before.

After hearing this, I would sign up for the production if I were you; it contains a mixture of talents and the best thing is all your hardwork is seen for people to enjoy it.

Don’t Go Out After Dark – fifth paragraph

Camping trip by Grace and Mitusha

Heart pounding, Grace darted away from the creature. What was that thing? She ran further and further. “Mitusha!”shrieked Grace as sweat trickled down her face. Darkness suffocated the light. Mitusha emerged out of the tent. Her friend was panting like a dog as she slowly started to collapse. Running towards the exhausted, panting girl, Mitusha helped her up. “How did this happen?” questioned Mitusha.

It started on a cold windy night: Grace and Mitusha were giggling inside the tent until they heard a noise. The giggling was suddenly stopped; silence closed in! They peered out of the tent and saw it was just another camper. Grace let out a sigh of relief. Moments later, the thankful camper went to collect some firewood. Looking up, she spotted mesmerising patterns swirling through the night sky. That was when Mitusha caught a glimpse of something flying overhead.

Unaware of Mitusha’s discovery, Grace wrenched a branch off a dead tree. ” Hands off nature!” shouted someone behind her. She spun round. Behind her was a figure… a minator! Fear clutched her heart! That was how it happened. Darting, the frantic girls hid behind a tree. Wheezing, Grace clutched her chest as she collapsed under the claw-like branches. Their minds started to close in, darkness shrouded their vision, and they both fainted.

Dazed and confused, they woke up with a sudden start. “What are you doing out here!” shouted a voice. They rubbed their eyes, trying to clear their blurry vision. It was a ranger. Relieved, Grace and Mitusha stared at each other and let out a sigh. It was finally over at least they thought it was…

The Magic Box by Mitusha

I had put in my box

An ashen curse of a witch,

A jaundiced chuckle,

A devil grabbing to an angel,


I wish I put in my box

The first golden smile of a baby,

The silver glimmer of a star,

The bright beams of the moon.


I had put in my box

A revolting reverie of rage,

A joyless laugh,

The first gun shot of war.


I wish I put in my box

The rays of sunlight,

A joyful laugh of a baby,

A magic spell.


My box is sealed as tight could be

But every time I am close to the box

It opens and my revolting memories flood back…

Clockwork Review by Mitusha




Clockwork is a great book written by Phillip Pullman. It is full of mystery that will make you on the edge of your seat. It is an exciting story that you will LOVE to read.


It all starts on a cold winters evening in a pub. Fritz starts by telling a story until every thing starts to go wrong and it comes into real life…


Gretel – is a barmaid girl who works in a pub.

Florian – is a robot boy who needs a heart to keep him alive.

Dr Kalmenius – is the genius who made clockwork and Florian.

Karl – is an apprentice and his apprenticeship is going to end.


This is an AMAZING book. I recommend you read it. If you happen to enjoy this book you can read the other Phillip Pullman books.