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Cerys, Lucy, Ruby and Leah in the Christmas talent show!

Christmas poem by Lucy hill

Christmas comes once a year

Holly on the tree

Rudolph has a red nose

Ice skating on the rink

Santa brings presents on Christmas eve

Turkey dinner yummy!!

Merry Christmas everyone

Always be good for Santa

Snow is falling down

Carols in the church

Reindeers pull the sleigh

Advent calender

Children having fun

Kiss under the mistletoe

Eating lots of chocolate

Robins in their nests


Don’t Go Out After Dark – second paragraph

Vampie landing Lucy Hill

The sky grumbled and the fog was covering the graves. The wind whispered through the paths. The graves were broken and crumbled with cobwebs  beside them. The flowers were wilted. The girls were visitng Katie’s mum, who sadly past away. Cerys put her arm around Katie’s shoulder. “WHAT WAS THAT?” shouted Cerys loudly. Something was lurking behind them.

Katie and Cerys tiptoed through the graveyards while sadly Katie was thinking about her mum. They both could hear crunching behind them! “WHAT WAS THATTT?” They wondered. Katie and Cerys got to the end of the spooky graveyard.

Something was behind them! There was a blood trail. Scanning around, they could both see a skull with blood dripping off it. Something was lurking in the darkness. There was a glint of red sparkling eyes. With a frown on their faces, they saw a flashing light streak past them.  Something moved! “WHAT WAS IT?”

Katie and Cerys felt a shiver run down their spines. They stared at each other. In the darkness, a pale-skinned face was staring at them. It came closer and closer, grinding its teeth and dripping blood! At that moment, the creature leapt onto them. It felt like they were getting crushed! They both fainted!!