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I Will Put in the Box by Grace Rockey

I will lock in my box,
silent thunder,
a surgery tear
and a joyless laugh.

I will lock in my box,
ten, terrible, tiny termites,
a tick-tocking tedious town
and a fish trying to find water.

I will lock in my box
a khaki sun,
a heart-throbbing nightmare
and an ear piercing screech of death!


Alien landing invasion by Ruby

The moon shone bright behind the horison of the oacen ,and the sky grew darcker ,ruby and cerys left the beach . As they cut through the woods they  ended up at the abandon park!!!!!”This is  the park that every one has tallked about in school » cried cerys .Ruby raced towards the park cerys strolled behind her.”let’s go on the swings “Ruby shouted excitedly .A while later,a shining light blinked on and off in the distance .And a shiny metallic spacecraft appears .Out from the darkness  3 unusual spaces arrive .What were they ?Smoke filled the air and the girls fell asleep.When they awoken they didn’t remember anything but deep in their pockets 2 shiny metallic plastic patches were their .What were they for ?where did they come from ?? Maybe from another world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!