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Don’t Go Out After Dark – fifth paragraph

Hunted by Leah D

Walking across the warm sand and letting water slip through my toes, I saw an open shed next to the ice cream van in the middle of the  warm Hawaii beach. So I ventured into it.

With cobwebs hanging from the ceiling,  piles of skeleton bones lay everywhere I  had been . Pictures were scattered on the wall as they dangled from dark, damp and damaged rusty nails . Bang! What was that? As the wind got started, the door slammed faster than a rocket. With bits of the roof crumbling, the floor boards snapped underneath me.

With the snapping of the floor boards from underneath me, I dropped under the rest of the dripping  floor. Screaming over and over again, I said in my head can someone hear me? Footsteps got louder like thay were coming closer and closer. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE?!” shouted someone. “I’m stuck down here. Can you help me out of the hole?”

Grabbing her  rope and yanking me up, we made friends and then we played, played and played  until we went  home .