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Don’t Go Out After Dark – third paragraph

The man in the fog by Joe T

The suspicious fog engulfed the desolate streets! Through the humid mist, a shadow appeared, moving closer and closer! What where people doing outside at night? That mystery just couldn’t be solved. The footsteps reverberated off the walls, which were looming over the man’s head! He shivered with fear. All he could hear was the silent gushes of the harsh fog, which kept stinging his eyes. He crept through the empty alleyways, listening out for voices, which he could seem to hear persistently! Were the noises actually in his head? The man, who felt a shiver race down his spine, heard noises again. Was he being followed? Someone must be following him, musn’t they? He turned round, only to see darkness…

Alex, Joe T and Isabel – Alien Abduction

20160912 111545 from James Walker on Vimeo.