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The Empty World by Mitusha

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The first rays of sunlight shone across the desolate place. Dismal clouds loomed over, feeling pity for the lifeless peice of land. It was a dehydrated Earth. Staggering across the large expanse of sand, the robot collasped out of thirst. He was filled by emptiness. He stood there still. Motionless. Until he saw the last peice of life!

Gathering all his might, he stumbled towards the plant. The robot dropped down to his knees and observed the plant’s health. He stared intently. It was the last thread of life. It drooped forward as life started fading away from it second by second. Grabbing the plant gently in his hands, he looked at the mountain. It was the only thing to protect it…

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Gripping onto a rock, he held on for life. With determination, he clambered up still holding on to the plant. The robot scaled the cliff as rocks crumbled under his feet. He slipped! Kicking his legs in thin air, he searched for a hold. The robot grabbed onto a rock; fear went over his face. His hands slipped from the rock! He fell back… The only thing he thought of was the plant. Was he going to save it?

The wind howled from the peak of the cliff. With a sudden movement, a hand clawed at the loose rocks. It was the robot! He hauled himself up with the plant still safe in his hands. He finished the final hurdle. Determination filled him as he stumbled forward. He collapsed out of exhaustion but still carried on with his task. The plant, which was now hanging on to its last seconds, slipped out of his hands and his spirit slipped out of him.

The clouds loomed over the peak of the cliff. The leaf fell on the still robot. He lay there motionless under the tree. The little plant was now a big tree. The fog and mist swirled round the life filled mountain…

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Homework 25.09.16 by Joe D

Have you found some shiny black pebbles? Are you puzzled about what they are? Well, you have come to the right place my friend because you just happened to pick up a text about how to use them. As you read on, you will notice we use a tuna-fish because this is what we had when we found them – however these are optional (you could use something else which was to hand when the stones were found).


What you need:

  1. 2 shiny black pebbles
  2. Some scorched bark
  3. A handful of squashed berries
  4. 1 Tuna fish

What you do:

  1. Break up the bark and sprinkle the pieces into the bowl of berries to make a gooey mixture.
  2. Mince the tuna and add  it to mixture.
  3. Smother the pebbles onto the mixture until they are not visible.
  4. Make a wish and it will come true.

If it doesn’t work, retry and see what you have done wrong.

Wish wisely!