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Alien Teleportation Part 2 by Kilinda

The unfocused images teased Sam and John, becoming focused then blurred again as they drifted through the ongoing swirling light. Suddenly, the images all pieced together as memories broke through revealing themselves to the twins. Their once-ghostly-pale faces returned to their normal colour. They knew what was going on. Happiness flooded through their bodies. They were going to another world! Sam allowed his mind to relax into the rediscovered memories as he travelled into the past.

Darkness began spreading its starry fingers onto the beams of the sun. Ever more stars flickered into view to join the battle. Night hunted down the remaining light like a lion pursuing its prey. The night had been born. Many stars shimmered hypnotically into view, twinkling mysteriously as if holding a secret. Shooting stars erupted leaving a vanishing trail.

Deep beneath lay the abandoned theme park; rubbish lay strewn across its cracked cobbled floor. Ebony, burgundy and aubergine colours were all the brightness you could find, standing out amidst the once-thriving wasteland. On the edge of the woodland thicket of moss-clinging ferns and rotting tree bark in the midst of all the waste, were two adventurous twins, Sam and John. The twins’ eyes were bright, not put down by the soul-crushing waste landscape before them. They were on a mission to find artifacts or relics to present to historians.

“Come on scaredy-cat,” jeered Sam. In response, John gave an angry grunt and quickened his pace. Just then a tremor reverberated through the ground, shaking the earth beneath them. Shivers ricocheted down John’s spine. Sam gave a mocking laugh and mouthed the word “scaredy-cat” once more. Enraged, John kicked a pebble. The twins’ hearts each skipped a beat as their eyes boggled out of their sockets. The pebble hung in mid air. Giving one last glance at what they thought was a haunted pebble, they dived into the toy booth beside them. If answering to the flight, a maelstrom whipped up around them. John cowered under the counter while Sam stood dumbfounded, not taking in what was happening. Crash!!! A massive bolt of lightening streaked across the sky towards the toy booth …

The twins shut their eyes waiting for it to strike but it never did. It hung there poised and out of it came crimson spaceship. The space ship shot down a beam. The twins did not dare move. Sam felt an agonising pain in his arm. His arm was disappearing. John felt an uncharacteristic force churning inside him and in one great bound he wrenched Sam from the beam. Sam stared at where his arm should have been. Instead there was nothing. Suddenly, another beam of light shot down at Mark 2 speed. They were both caught.

From somewhere Sam could here John’s voice wrenching him back into the present. “Look!” John was yelling. Sam was back in the tube. Up ahead he could see a blinding light. They were arriving…


My box by Cerys

I will put in my box

The start of life and end of death

I will put in my box

A shark’s tooth and a maroon sky

I will put in my box

 A blood moon and silver eclipse

I will put in my box

The last tick tock of the only clock

And the blink of a dead eye

I will put in my box

The scream of the ghost that destroyed everything

A black heart of hers and the hypnotic stare that never ends.

My box is made with bones and painted with blood.

I will lock up my box and never open it again

Although I have temptation

If I open it horrid things will come gushing out

Memories flood me.