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Thunder strike [made up song by Harry]

never let go its our time to shine

thunder strike take us down

we never let it gooooo

never let you dooooownnnn

keep fightin until the end

never give up never give in

taking my chances in this world

taking aim

taking blows

taking never belong




let me take aim

give you my heart

beating too fast

faster than speed of sound

this is my thunder strike

give you all of my heart

giving you everything I own

never let you down


A poem by harry

I will throw in my box,

The last tick of a grandfather clock,

The skull of a family member,

The final demonic nightmare.


I will throw in my box,

The first bite of golden cheese,

A bronze sunset,

Fresh blood on a midnight blue arrow.


I will throw in my box,

The final flower from a stone-grey feild,

The first lavender hope of victory,

The first blink of the Illuminate triangle.


I will throw in my box,

A drop from a crystal blue lake,

The final silver whisper of death,

The third wish from a genie’s lantern.


The box is a cell for demons

it holds deep secrets of the grim reaper

and the weapon of death.


“Well this was not here yesterday,”yelled Dox to Sam, staring at some find of ship-like metal wreck. It was covered with thick ivy and old rusted steel bars hung from the giant slice on the side. It gave Sam a shiver down his spine just staring at it. Both boys started climbing rapidly to the high-up slice. Up and up they climbed. Dox was the first one to make it up and through the slice. He froze; everything started spinning. He was terrified of heights. Dox finally came out of his trance and saw that the ship was on an angle so that the once-flat and still surface had now become like the sides of a triangle. One wrong step and he would smash the cracked glass below.

Don’t Go Out After Dark – third paragraph

the maze runner review by harry



I am loving the first book of maze runner its one of the best books I have had in a long time. But I feel that Gally could be a little nicer to thomas and he does not need attitude every time he gets spoken to. Chuck is the nicest kid in the maze he try’s to make jokes but no one laughs at them. Thomas is a greenie and he does not like it one bit everyone treats him like a newbie giving him a hard Time to fit in with everyone else. Frypan is the chef and he cooks for about 45 kids and he keeps his cool and he is one of the funniest person in the glade. Newt is second in command and he is nice and mean to Thomas at the same time he is the coolest character in the maze runner and Alby and him are really good friends Newt really cares about everyone but when he looses his cool he ain’t a nice guy as he was. Zart is really nice but cool aswell but he works on the farm but I think he should be a runner.


I loved the part when Thomas saved Alby and Minho ran away like a scared little girl Thomas was like a monkey  when he was swinging on the vines and trying to escape from the greiver and then the stupid things went and fell off the cliff



I hate the part when Chuck plays the trick on Gally by accident that was just strange.