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Book recommendation by Grace Rockey


Phillip Pullman

The Firework Maker’s Daughter


I would recommend it to anyone who likes a journey story and links throughout it.


It has surprises in the story and there are some very peculiar things right from the beginning of the book: there’s an elephant plastered in graffiti; there is a fire fiend who lives in a volcano and some animals can even talk.

In addition, this book is the same style of writing as Clockwork.




The Scarecrow and his servant

The Golden compass

The amber spyglass

Northern lights

The subtle knife

His dark materials

Ruby in the smoke

The shadow in the north

The tin princess

The tiger in the well

Four tales


I am determined to read more Phillip Pullman books

Don’t Go Out After Dark – third paragraph

Camping trip by Grace and Mitusha

Heart pounding, Grace darted away from the creature. What was that thing? She ran further and further. “Mitusha!”shrieked Grace as sweat trickled down her face. Darkness suffocated the light. Mitusha emerged out of the tent. Her friend was panting like a dog as she slowly started to collapse. Running towards the exhausted, panting girl, Mitusha helped her up. “How did this happen?” questioned Mitusha.

It started on a cold windy night: Grace and Mitusha were giggling inside the tent until they heard a noise. The giggling was suddenly stopped; silence closed in! They peered out of the tent and saw it was just another camper. Grace let out a sigh of relief. Moments later, the thankful camper went to collect some firewood. Looking up, she spotted mesmerising patterns swirling through the night sky. That was when Mitusha caught a glimpse of something flying overhead.

Unaware of Mitusha’s discovery, Grace wrenched a branch off a dead tree. ” Hands off nature!” shouted someone behind her. She spun round. Behind her was a figure… a minator! Fear clutched her heart! That was how it happened. Darting, the frantic girls hid behind a tree. Wheezing, Grace clutched her chest as she collapsed under the claw-like branches. Their minds started to close in, darkness shrouded their vision, and they both fainted.

Dazed and confused, they woke up with a sudden start. “What are you doing out here!” shouted a voice. They rubbed their eyes, trying to clear their blurry vision. It was a ranger. Relieved, Grace and Mitusha stared at each other and let out a sigh. It was finally over at least they thought it was…

I Will Put in the Box by Grace Rockey

I will lock in my box,
silent thunder,
a surgery tear
and a joyless laugh.

I will lock in my box,
ten, terrible, tiny termites,
a tick-tocking tedious town
and a fish trying to find water.

I will lock in my box
a khaki sun,
a heart-throbbing nightmare
and an ear piercing screech of death!


Step into the unknown

Darkness blanketed the night sky as I crept down the windy alley. Hesitantly, I took my first step into the unknown. Fear overtook me and panick started to set in. I am on my own; what am I going to do? Eerie silence engulfed the alley. I inched closer and closer towards the end. Petrified, cold and wet from the rain, I stopped dead in my tracks. I felt a large scaly hand touch my sholder! My eyes bulged, my heart stung and I looked hopeless like a lion’s prey. What was going on?

Mitusha & Grace – ‘Alien Landing’ tennis!

20160912 111455 from James Walker on Vimeo.