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Homework by Frank

Cautiously creeping through the derelict, abandoned road, which led to a run-down park, I got drenched by the heavy, continuous rain as it loomed over me and got me soaked. Unexpectedly, an instant movement appeared in the far distance! Intentionally, I lurked towards the mysterious situation, and hoped to find nothing. Suddenly an urgent shadow arose from the bushes. “What was it?” I murmured  to myself. Feeling shivers of fear immediately shoot up my spine, I edge forward to the risky thing. Getting closer, I concluded that it was something sizeable and strange. Anxious about the thing, I began to feel my stomach churn restlessly. I was there. Out of the blue, it began to speak in a language that I couldn’t understand. What was it saying?

Diary entry for Fred

As darkness descended, Finn and I grabbed our luggage, and headed for the abandoned castle. Cautiously, my petrified brother and I glimpsed a rapid shadow. We froze! Ignoring the frightening problem, my brother and I carefully crept towards our destination. Unexpectedly, an eerie sound penetrated into our ears instantly! “What was that?” whimpered my scared brother, who felt shivers of fear shoot immediately up his spine. This was dangerous! THIS WAS SCAREY!!! Suddenly, a shimmer of light engulfed me and my brother! As the beam blanketed us, I was about to vomit up when the light instantaneously stopped. Trying to catch our breath, we began to stagger back towards a derelict wall. There it was again, however much brighter and stronger! Swiftly lifting us up from the rocky ground, the thing began to reveal itself. It was a UFO!!! As the ship elevated us up, we were swallowed into its colossal mouth.What were we going to do? I said to myself.