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Homework by Elle

Dear Mr Dewey

I think you should change your mind on this decision. I think children need a break from learning because it will refresh their minds and then be ready to learn. Also, we need fresh air as it is better than being inside all day.

Firstly, we need breaks from learning because it will refresh their brains. Also, children will not work properly because they are cooped up in a class room while being really hot and not produce as much work as possible. Furthermore, they should have the same time as the younger children as they are still children and should all be treated the same.

Moreover, you are not allowed to have a drink while working so they might  get dehydrated and not do as much work as usual. Additionally, you are not allowed to go to the toilet during lessons so you will not be paying attention and will not do the work properly so they will not learn. Adding on to that, they might get stressed out about the work so they might not produce as much work.

Also, sitting on a chair for hours on end they will lose concentration  and not do as much work as everyone else. Furthermore, if you do something for too long then you lose concentration  and will not pay attention  to the teacher. Last but not least, physical exercise is important for the brain and before you say sitting on a chair is exercising it is not.

In conclusion, it is quite obvious that this idea is nonsense. They need a break from learning. So please don’t make this decision. 

Homework by Elle

Do you need a brake from school but still want to be with your friends? Is there nothing to do at home? If this sounds like you (year 5), then you should go on year 6 camp. You will not regret it. I promise.

Firstly, the children that went this year had so much fun and had some once in a life time opportunities. For example: caving, canoeing and you will be doing two activities a day and will constantly be doing something which you probably don’t do at home. If you don’t go, you will definitely regret it. Also, on the Thursday we do lots of small activities like the blindfolded challenge , swimming, map reading, archery, t-shirt making and team-building exercises.

Furthermore, the dorms are nice and big and the beds are comfortable. You are not all together;  you will be in groups of twos, fours or threes so you don’t have to worry about being in a huge group. Being in little groups makes it nice and cosy. Also, on the night you won’t have to worry about not falling asleep because you will be so tired from the activities you will just fall straight asleep.

In conclusion, I highly recommend going on year 6 camp as you will have the time of your life and you will not regret it. If you don’t go you will miss out on so much fun.



Don’t Go Out After Dark – first paragraph

I will put in my box by Elle

I will put in my box

a  khaki collar covered in coral

a happy nightmare

and the first golden tear of a baby


I will put in my box

a shattered sky of sadness

the last falling leaf of a tree

the last lick of a dog


I will put in my box

a gigantic giant jumping

a hypnotic heart hitting a hypocrite

and a sweet tear


I shall throw my box into space and I will never see it again. When  I open my box I remember the memories and when they do come back to me I  day-dream about them every day.