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The Great Fire of London diary entry by Mitusha

Dear diary,                                                                                                                                                                       Smoke wafted from the bakery into the air. The fire got stronger and stronger! Lots of  town folk gathered round to help. They threw buckets and buckets of water at the fire but it was  to no avail; the fire got worse. I was frightened that it couldn’t be tamed. Fire blasted straight out of the bakery. Screams filled the town and a majority of people got severe injuries. What if it happens to me?Sorrow deepened in my heart and I felt concerned for the victims of the fire. It was a chaotic situation!! The flames spread from house to house as fast as a cheetah chasing its prey. Houses burnt and collapsed from lane to lane and were getting demolished by the fire which had now become bigger than ever. The bakery which was busy and bursting with customers had now become burnt into ashes towards the ground. The once-tall buildings had now become reduced in size. The once lively, joyful people had become terrified and injured badly. Ashes covered the floor so nothing could be seen on the now-destroyed road. The lightining struck like mad as the smoke started to clear up. I’m thankful that I am still alive to be writing this diary.

Goodnight diary

Diary entry for Fred

As darkness descended, Finn and I grabbed our luggage, and headed for the abandoned castle. Cautiously, my petrified brother and I glimpsed a rapid shadow. We froze! Ignoring the frightening problem, my brother and I carefully crept towards our destination. Unexpectedly, an eerie sound penetrated into our ears instantly! “What was that?” whimpered my scared brother, who felt shivers of fear shoot immediately up his spine. This was dangerous! THIS WAS SCAREY!!! Suddenly, a shimmer of light engulfed me and my brother! As the beam blanketed us, I was about to vomit up when the light instantaneously stopped. Trying to catch our breath, we began to stagger back towards a derelict wall. There it was again, however much brighter and stronger! Swiftly lifting us up from the rocky ground, the thing began to reveal itself. It was a UFO!!! As the ship elevated us up, we were swallowed into its colossal mouth.What were we going to do? I said to myself.