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Operation save Earth part 1 by Daniel Clark

The empty horizon stretched on infinitely, spreading misery over the once-green Earth. Rocks were protruding from the outer crust like shark`s fins. A thick, compact layer of minuscule grains of sand suggested that there had sandstorm quite recently. He fell onto his knees. It was a robot for humans had become extinct many millennia ago. Why was he there? Surely there had to be a reason. He had collapsed from the inevitable loss of power caused by this uninhabitable, barren wasteland. His circuits were filled with forlorn emptiness as he stared into the endless oblivion of this ruined world. The atmosphere was filled with scorching rays of the merciless, remorseless sun killing off almost all life. The robot, who was being internally destroyed, caught a glimpse of the only life for miles around.

He crawled over to it. A small shoot with leaves that were blackened around the edges, drooping slightly and loosing its green colour. He scrutinized then touched it to check his optics weren’t malfunctioning. The plant was shrivelled up looking agonised. The plant was dying. He was Tabula Rasa 57 BODMAS O S E and it was his duty to make this plant live even if he died…

Don’t Go Out After Dark – second paragraph

Assassination CLASSIFIED…part 2 …by same author as part 1

I looked around. An uneasy silence fell, for the trees had fallen still as if time had stopped all together. All I saw was a black cat with green eyes blocking my path. I’m not superstitious and I shoved it aside, not knowing its purpose. I trundled down the path. The cat was following me. I quickened my pace. The cat did the same thing. Why? What was it doing? My mind raced once again. This cat was doing a job. It turned and left me alone. Or at least I thought I was alone… The same figure was standing  at the end of the alley, blocking the only exit. I was trapped!!!!!


Stick around for the next episode…

Assassination CLASSIFIED part 1… by …DGIC [Daniel George Ivan pronounced Evan Clark

Fog shrouded the desolate alleyway. I heard something as if the trees were whispering to each other. Footsteps bounced around, getting closer and closer. The fog advanced through the street, making it too hard to see. I could hear the dreaded eerie footsteps: louder, closer. I couldn’t stand it and called out to see if someone was there. Nothing came back. A figure emerged from the fog. It was coming closer. Something glinted in the figure’s hand. They held it up higher. Why? What were they holding? I took off. A dead end. I turned left. The figure was gaining on me. Dead end again. There was no hope left. Certain doom washed over me. Then I looked around. The bricks on one of the walls were crumbled, just enough for me to climb out. I scrambled over the wall and jumped off. I was safe! Now to get home to be in definite safety.