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homework by cerys

Dear Mr Dewey

i’m writing  to say that I think when year six should be allowed out when we do sats as we need the exercise and fresh air to keep us going. my first reason   is that we will be bored during sats and be working so hard that we will need the vitamin’s and energy from running around. Also many people think children need energy or they become tired and results and their brain will not be as focus as they usually would be. SURLY you realize that keeping us in side for aprocsamatly   5 hours and 40 minuets is actually quite cruel  as we are still children who need lots of exercise and vitamins from the sun. as a result, 89% of scientists( that study the energy of kids) believe that children should get up to 2 hours  of sun light from outdoors at least twice  each day because of lac of growth and heath all this means that we should deserve a whole  play time and lunchtime as we would be working hard and need fresh air.

Cerys, Lucy, Ruby and Leah in the Christmas talent show!

Homework by Cerys

“Come on,” shouted Beth to Amy as she ran through the deriliced woods. Amy followed with a worried look on her face. Then it started to rain and it got heavier and heavier. ” Let’s shellter in this cave,” said Amy.  The girls violently shivered as whispers and drips of water leaked from the top of the cold and dark cave. About 10 minites later, “Good it stopped  raining” whispered the girls. Stepping out from the cave, Amy found an unusual and  sparkling jewel she picked it up; told Beth, and moved on.

“Oi!” bellowed a gravily low voice from a distance; the girls looked around and saw a big man looming over the girls. They ran really fast. At that moment, Amy’s foot got trapped ; they both pulled at her leg but it wouldn’t budge. Suddenly the huge man stuck out is huge and great arm and went to grab Beth!!!!

Homework by cerys

Do you want to have fun with your friends and have a break from school? And make new friends? Well go to Barton Camp (year 5): there are lots of things to do and you won’t regret it. I’m sure you will love it; everyone would.

Are you all ready excited? You should be. Of course you would be if you knew you were going to a fab place like Barton: there is a beautiful sighting at the top of Crooks Peeke; lovely peaceful walks; the blind fold challenge followed by swimming and muddy games! REALLY focus on these points because if you miss anything out when you tell your teacher,she will probably say no. You need to make it sound phenomenal!

Furthermore, it is a once in a life time experience which you will only do once. If you are not lazy, don’t mind getting muddy and love adventures like most people, Barton is perfect for you. The best part is if it rains (so bring waterproofs) and seeing teachers go down the slide (and you going down), then having hot chocolate and snuggling up in bed.:)

98.5% of children have loved camp. If I were you, I would take nouts as there are so many activaties you need to write down. Here is one of the children that have done all the activateas “it was really fun espeshaly caving  that was amasing  and canewing it wasent that deep believe me I dident want to do it but it was so fun really!”

If you liked my thought of barton camp then beg your teachers till thay cant tack no more  then tell mr dewe and youre parents to pay as it is obveosly worth it  thanks for reading and get thous teachers to say yes to barton camp!!!!!

Don’t Go Out After Dark – second paragraph

My box by Cerys

I will put in my box

The start of life and end of death

I will put in my box

A shark’s tooth and a maroon sky

I will put in my box

 A blood moon and silver eclipse

I will put in my box

The last tick tock of the only clock

And the blink of a dead eye

I will put in my box

The scream of the ghost that destroyed everything

A black heart of hers and the hypnotic stare that never ends.

My box is made with bones and painted with blood.

I will lock up my box and never open it again

Although I have temptation

If I open it horrid things will come gushing out

Memories flood me.