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The Sleeper and the Spindle by Mitusha

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This is an amazing book by Neil Gaiman. The illustrations by Chris Riddell are phenomenal. I am recommending this book because it is a lovely combination of all the classical fairy tales: Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls, especially younger children who like fairy tales. My sister and I loved reading this book together. My sister said she liked how it was a sequel to the fairy tales. I HIGHLY suggest that you read another book by Neil Gaiman: Odd and the Frost Giant; it has Thor, Loki and Odin.

Mr Ramsbottom’s book of the week


I am so excited about this book! I started reading it on camp and I haven’t been able to put it down!


Title: The Lie Tree

Author: Frances Hardinge

Main character: Faith is the daughter of a famous and well-respected man who is both a Reverend (man who works for the church) and a natural scientist (he specialises in fossils). A curious girl, she is hungry for knowedge. However, the people around her (including her manipulative, overbearing mother) expect her to be quiet, subdued and lady-like, starving her of opportunities to grow and learn – after all, she is ‘just a girl’ (how awful – this makes me cringe). I love Faith’s character; even though everyone is trying to crush her willpower, she has such a strong personality. I think that her curious nature is going to get her into (and out of) lots of dangerous adventures! Great name, too.

Plot so far: The family move to a remote island. According to Faith’s parents, they are moving so her father can work on a new archeological dig (where he will find new and interesting fossils). However, when Faith gets a chance to snatch a look at her father’s secret papers, she uncovers the truth – someone is trying to ruin her father’s reputation, so he is trying to escape all the people he knows. When they reach their new house, Faith’s distant, secretive father is very quick to hide something in the old, uninhabitable tower nearby. He claims that it is just a box of cuttings from rare plants, but why would he put it in such a dark, desolate building with no natural light? I wonder whether the reference to plants is a link to the title of the book…

What’s happening right now: Faith and the family have just been taken to a cave where the local people have been finding fossils. Not many people have entered the cave, as there is no easy way to get in (people have to be lowered in through a hole in the top of the cave). Faith and her brother were being lowered into the cavern when, unexpectedly, the chain snapped! I wonder if it was an accident or whether it was planned – is someone trying to kill Faith’s father?

Clockwork Review by Mitusha




Clockwork is a great book written by Phillip Pullman. It is full of mystery that will make you on the edge of your seat. It is an exciting story that you will LOVE to read.


It all starts on a cold winters evening in a pub. Fritz starts by telling a story until every thing starts to go wrong and it comes into real life…


Gretel – is a barmaid girl who works in a pub.

Florian – is a robot boy who needs a heart to keep him alive.

Dr Kalmenius – is the genius who made clockwork and Florian.

Karl – is an apprentice and his apprenticeship is going to end.


This is an AMAZING book. I recommend you read it. If you happen to enjoy this book you can read the other Phillip Pullman books.