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The Surprise Parcel

‘Ding dong!’ went the door. I darted towards it and pulled the handle. Outside lay a box with peculiar writing on top. What could be inside? I clutched the box and went back indoors. Filled with curiosity, I tore off the wrapping of the box and I looked inside… I froze. I could see eyeballs and it seemed like they were all looking at one direction: ME!!

Sweat trickled down my face, which now had a sickly pallor! The next thing I saw was a patch of alien skin. I rubbed the rugged hide. It started to glow. My heart was racing. Immediately, I stopped rubbing it. The glowing came to a halt! I was overtaken by fear. Then I picked up a bottle containing shining particles. After that, I picked up something that looked like a tracker device. It had many buttons. Beep! It was glowing and beeping loudly. It got louder and louder. I followed it and it led me outside. Gaping, I saw something unbearable – a big spaceship – and out of it came an alien! Frightened, I dropped the box towards the floor. The creature grabbed the box and left in his spaceship…

Homework 25.09.16 by Joe D

Have you found some shiny black pebbles? Are you puzzled about what they are? Well, you have come to the right place my friend because you just happened to pick up a text about how to use them. As you read on, you will notice we use a tuna-fish because this is what we had when we found them – however these are optional (you could use something else which was to hand when the stones were found).


What you need:

  1. 2 shiny black pebbles
  2. Some scorched bark
  3. A handful of squashed berries
  4. 1 Tuna fish

What you do:

  1. Break up the bark and sprinkle the pieces into the bowl of berries to make a gooey mixture.
  2. Mince the tuna and add  it to mixture.
  3. Smother the pebbles onto the mixture until they are not visible.
  4. Make a wish and it will come true.

If it doesn’t work, retry and see what you have done wrong.

Wish wisely!

Diary entry for Fred

As darkness descended, Finn and I grabbed our luggage, and headed for the abandoned castle. Cautiously, my petrified brother and I glimpsed a rapid shadow. We froze! Ignoring the frightening problem, my brother and I carefully crept towards our destination. Unexpectedly, an eerie sound penetrated into our ears instantly! “What was that?” whimpered my scared brother, who felt shivers of fear shoot immediately up his spine. This was dangerous! THIS WAS SCAREY!!! Suddenly, a shimmer of light engulfed me and my brother! As the beam blanketed us, I was about to vomit up when the light instantaneously stopped. Trying to catch our breath, we began to stagger back towards a derelict wall. There it was again, however much brighter and stronger! Swiftly lifting us up from the rocky ground, the thing began to reveal itself. It was a UFO!!! As the ship elevated us up, we were swallowed into its colossal mouth.What were we going to do? I said to myself.


Alien Teleportation Part 1 by Kilinda

Sam’s eyes flickered open. Unfocused images flashed before him. Casting the images away from him, he sat up. Feeling confused, he felt the damp muddy ground under his back. He could not remember how he had got there. Scanning the area, he sighted John a couple of yards away from him. He too was lying on the ground. Sam rushed over to his twin brother. Upon shaking him gently, John awoke. For a second John stared without recognition. In unison they both inquired, “Do you no what is going on?” From the gazes the twin showed no words were needed. Shakily they both got up from the uneven turf.


Suddenly, as they reached the street a wailing police car pulled up right in front of them. “Get in,” he said with a rough voice to the grubby boys. Half an hour later, they arrived at their front door. Unexpectedly, the door flung open and their mother came rushing out, bags under her eyes showing she had got no sleep. Immediately, she inquired what had happened but all the  explanation she needed was the boys’ blank expression on their faces.


As the boys lumbered up to their room, John felt something heavy in his pocket. Reaching the room, he dug deep down into his pocket and heaved out a small object. The jet black panels glinted in the room’s light. Hesitantly, Sam prodded the thing. Suddenly, a great whirring noise reverberated around the spacious room. Bang! A streak of light shaped like lightening expanded into a circle shape, as John cowered behind the rickety bed. The petrified twins could feel an invisible force pulling them towards the hole. They were trapped! The portal was on them, its gaping mouth ready to swallow. Helplessly, they were dragged closer, the colour drained from their face, closer, their hearts pounded against their ribcage. CLOSER! John clawed at the floor, too late, they were inside. The unfocused images Sam had seen before suddenly became vivid.


Homework by Mitusha

Darkness engulfed the forest as I walked deeper and deeper. The branches loomed over me like a witch’s finger and shadows danced round the forest. CRACK! What was that? I looked back; nothing seemed to be there! Fear clutched my heart. Sweat trickled down my face. I ran further and further into the forest. The lighting struck like mad and strange lights appeared in the sky shining brightly. I froze. Up ahead, I could see a trail of lights. I followed them and it lead me to a… spaceship!! I hid behind the tree to conceal myself from the craft and the light shone on something else… ME! Moments later, the UFO disappeared and so did I…

Mitusha & Grace – ‘Alien Landing’ tennis!

20160912 111455 from James Walker on Vimeo.

Alex, Joe T and Isabel – Alien Abduction

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Alien Landing

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Alien Landing Retelling

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Retelling as a group

IMG_7054 from James Walker on Vimeo.