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Home work Emily and the Thing by Alex


Should Emily have gone to fech things for the thing? Many people think Emily should not have gone because she was tired but some people think that she should have gone to fech the objects . What do you think?


Many people think that she should have gone to get it for the thing because the thing will be crying and Emily won’t be able to get to sleep. Firstly, she needs to get the thing to sleep to get Emily asleep. Next, she needs a friend because she might not have any friends. By getting the thing’s objects, Emily will be a buddy.


On the other hand, people think that she should not have gone and got the thing’s property.  Firstly, she was scared  to go throuth snow storms, gust of winds and rain. Next,she shouldn’t have gone because she doesn’t know who the thing was.


Having conserd both sides of the argument, people think she shouldn’t have gone because the thing is lazy and it needs to get it for it self.

homework by alex

Have you heard that teachers give us homework? Many people that children should get homework,but some people think you shouldn’t get homework. What do you think?

Many people think,children should get homework because when you got a test you can rember what you done in your homework book. Next,when you are board you could do your homework. Homework is good for educatroin for when it comes to exams.

On the other hand,it can be stress kids out which means that they can be nauty. Next,some children prefer to play on their ipad insted of homework. Lastly,some children may not have equipment to do their homework.

Having weighed both sides of the argment it is obvious that children shoulden’t have homework.

Writing about a beginning of a story

The sun was beaming on the branches as animals were walking, behind the bushes. I was walking through the forest one day; I heard something. Someone was placing  something on the ground in the distance. I stayed still. Someone was there. I didn’t breathe. No-one was around (I thought). I stepped on something. It made a noise! It looked like a bone from the museum. I picked it up but someone was dressed in black in the dark, wet, misty hut. I started to dart away as he started to chase after me. I stumbled up the tree as he was shouting at me. He had a nasty face, with a scowl and sharp, white teeth. I didn’t move and I clung to the branches. He didn’t know were I was……..

Don’t Go Out After Dark – fifth paragraph

Mr Zigwoo by Alex

I stumbled down the broken road into the local park. It was showering and I got drenched. I saw this spookey thing moving in the bushes and I froze. Somewhere over to the side I heard a noise. It started to move over to me and it was a light pink.It looked like a person after me. It was only a pig. It started to talk at me. I steped back and it moved closer. I thought I was dreaming. For a second I shut my eyes and opened them and it was still there. Know one was around it was late. The lights was starting to flicker and the animal disapered. I gulped.

Alex, Joe T and Isabel – Alien Abduction

20160912 111545 from James Walker on Vimeo.