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Operation save Earth part 1 by Daniel Clark

The empty horizon stretched on infinitely, spreading misery over the once-green Earth. Rocks were protruding from the outer crust like shark`s fins. A thick, compact layer of minuscule grains of sand suggested that there had sandstorm quite recently. He fell onto his knees. It was a robot for humans had become extinct many millennia ago. Why was he there? Surely there had to be a reason. He had collapsed from the inevitable loss of power caused by this uninhabitable, barren wasteland. His circuits were filled with forlorn emptiness as he stared into the endless oblivion of this ruined world. The atmosphere was filled with scorching rays of the merciless, remorseless sun killing off almost all life. The robot, who was being internally destroyed, caught a glimpse of the only life for miles around.

He crawled over to it. A small shoot with leaves that were blackened around the edges, drooping slightly and loosing its green colour. He scrutinized then touched it to check his optics weren’t malfunctioning. The plant was shrivelled up looking agonised. The plant was dying. He was Tabula Rasa 57 BODMAS O S E and it was his duty to make this plant live even if he died…

Cerys, Lucy, Ruby and Leah in the Christmas talent show!

Christmas poem by Lucy hill

Christmas comes once a year

Holly on the tree

Rudolph has a red nose

Ice skating on the rink

Santa brings presents on Christmas eve

Turkey dinner yummy!!

Merry Christmas everyone

Always be good for Santa

Snow is falling down

Carols in the church

Reindeers pull the sleigh

Advent calender

Children having fun

Kiss under the mistletoe

Eating lots of chocolate

Robins in their nests


A poem by harry

I will throw in my box,

The last tick of a grandfather clock,

The skull of a family member,

The final demonic nightmare.


I will throw in my box,

The first bite of golden cheese,

A bronze sunset,

Fresh blood on a midnight blue arrow.


I will throw in my box,

The final flower from a stone-grey feild,

The first lavender hope of victory,

The first blink of the Illuminate triangle.


I will throw in my box,

A drop from a crystal blue lake,

The final silver whisper of death,

The third wish from a genie’s lantern.


The box is a cell for demons

it holds deep secrets of the grim reaper

and the weapon of death.

The Empty World by Mitusha

Image result for tabula rasa robot

The first rays of sunlight shone across the desolate place. Dismal clouds loomed over, feeling pity for the lifeless peice of land. It was a dehydrated Earth. Staggering across the large expanse of sand, the robot collasped out of thirst. He was filled by emptiness. He stood there still. Motionless. Until he saw the last peice of life!

Gathering all his might, he stumbled towards the plant. The robot dropped down to his knees and observed the plant’s health. He stared intently. It was the last thread of life. It drooped forward as life started fading away from it second by second. Grabbing the plant gently in his hands, he looked at the mountain. It was the only thing to protect it…

Image result for tabula rasa robot

Gripping onto a rock, he held on for life. With determination, he clambered up still holding on to the plant. The robot scaled the cliff as rocks crumbled under his feet. He slipped! Kicking his legs in thin air, he searched for a hold. The robot grabbed onto a rock; fear went over his face. His hands slipped from the rock! He fell back… The only thing he thought of was the plant. Was he going to save it?

The wind howled from the peak of the cliff. With a sudden movement, a hand clawed at the loose rocks. It was the robot! He hauled himself up with the plant still safe in his hands. He finished the final hurdle. Determination filled him as he stumbled forward. He collapsed out of exhaustion but still carried on with his task. The plant, which was now hanging on to its last seconds, slipped out of his hands and his spirit slipped out of him.

The clouds loomed over the peak of the cliff. The leaf fell on the still robot. He lay there motionless under the tree. The little plant was now a big tree. The fog and mist swirled round the life filled mountain…

Image result for tabula rasa robot


“Well this was not here yesterday,”yelled Dox to Sam, staring at some find of ship-like metal wreck. It was covered with thick ivy and old rusted steel bars hung from the giant slice on the side. It gave Sam a shiver down his spine just staring at it. Both boys started climbing rapidly to the high-up slice. Up and up they climbed. Dox was the first one to make it up and through the slice. He froze; everything started spinning. He was terrified of heights. Dox finally came out of his trance and saw that the ship was on an angle so that the once-flat and still surface had now become like the sides of a triangle. One wrong step and he would smash the cracked glass below.

Anthony Horowitz is a fan of Jack Bowen!


Anthony Horowitz himself thinks that Jack’s persuasion would have done a great job of convincing Mrs Jones (from the Alex Rider books) of the dangers of sending out the 14-year-old spy. Brilliant work, Jack!


Besides being a fantastic piece of persuasion, it’s a stunning example of polishing and editing. Brilliant effort and hard word. Keep it up!




Frances Hardinge likes Isabel’s writing!


The author of The Lie Tree, Frances Hardinge, replied to a tweet about Isabel’s persuasion writing. Izzy wrote a persuasive letter to Faith, the main charasser of the book, in an attempt to get her to stop visiting the tree. It turns out that Frances and Izzy both appreciate each other’s work!

Amazing stuff, Isabel.



Writing about a beginning of a story

The sun was beaming on the branches as animals were walking, behind the bushes. I was walking through the forest one day; I heard something. Someone was placing  something on the ground in the distance. I stayed still. Someone was there. I didn’t breathe. No-one was around (I thought). I stepped on something. It made a noise! It looked like a bone from the museum. I picked it up but someone was dressed in black in the dark, wet, misty hut. I started to dart away as he started to chase after me. I stumbled up the tree as he was shouting at me. He had a nasty face, with a scowl and sharp, white teeth. I didn’t move and I clung to the branches. He didn’t know were I was……..

Homework by Cerys

“Come on,” shouted Beth to Amy as she ran through the deriliced woods. Amy followed with a worried look on her face. Then it started to rain and it got heavier and heavier. ” Let’s shellter in this cave,” said Amy.  The girls violently shivered as whispers and drips of water leaked from the top of the cold and dark cave. About 10 minites later, “Good it stopped  raining” whispered the girls. Stepping out from the cave, Amy found an unusual and  sparkling jewel she picked it up; told Beth, and moved on.

“Oi!” bellowed a gravily low voice from a distance; the girls looked around and saw a big man looming over the girls. They ran really fast. At that moment, Amy’s foot got trapped ; they both pulled at her leg but it wouldn’t budge. Suddenly the huge man stuck out is huge and great arm and went to grab Beth!!!!